Blondies Unite

I used to naively think that I was Bailey's favourite human because she does spend all day following me around loyally, hanging on my every word, but let me tell you - the minute Sarah gets home from school, I instantly move to second place. It's true! And this sad realisation was solidly confirmed recently when I was pretend-wrestling with Sarah {as you do}, and Bailey promptly ran over and took that girl's side! Can you believe it? I'm talking full-on protection of Sarah and actually barking at chopped liver over here. {Sarah just loved that.} The absolute cheek of it! ;)

But seriously, these two have the cutest relationship. They always have. Sarah was the one who pushed hard for us to get a puppy, who adores all animals and who spends the most time with Bailey out of all of my kids. It's a truly gorgeous bond to witness.

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