Teenage Girls Are Awesome

So here's a book that I just recently read and loved. And if you're the mother of a teenage girl, you may want to read it too. Because man, this one's a goodie. And a breath of fresh air. And maybe even a life changer.

Unlike many other books about teenagers that I've read, I found this book to be refreshingly positive, helping me fully realise that yes, teenagers can be hard work {for various valid reasons} but mostly they're really awesome {which we often forget}; and that understanding what they're going through and then communicating effectively with them, can certainly help both teenagers and their parents have an easier time during the teenage years.

I'll admit, that all sounds easier than it sometimes actually pans out on any given day {trust me, I know}, but through this book I've come to understand that readjusting one's way of thinking can go a very long way towards making life happier for all concerned - and sometimes that readjustment has to start with the parents/adults. You see, this book portrays teenage girls in a good light, helping parents understand why they behave the way they do, celebrating them, and not solely moaning about them, as is more often the norm nowadays. And I adore that. It's that angle that brought about an absolute Aha! moment for me, that readjusted my way of thinking. It was my game changer. And I reckon that's what makes me love this book so. I needed to hear that.

Of course, we cannot deny that parenting teenagers can often be incredibly frustrating and tiring, but we shouldn't forget that it can also be incredibly fun, wildly interesting and decidedly awesome. And this book reminds us to especially bear this in mind as we make our way through the challenging times, remembering that the girl who happens to be grumpy or angry today is also the sweet, kind child you know and love so well.

The author, Lucie Hemmen {a clinical psychologist working with teens, and a mother of two teenage girls}, covers all the important and relevant topics associated with teen girls today, in this lovely book, giving parents an insight into their lives and offering helpful tips on understanding their behaviour and assisting them on their journey. This is definitely a book that I'd recommend to others - let me know what you think of it if you have read it, or do read it. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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