That Time I Went To A Rap Concert

Last Thursday night Jessica and I broke with our weekly routines and went to the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert in the city. #imean #toocoolforschool #uncoolhashtaggingftw

Full disclosure: It was supposed to be Grant and me going to the show together {booked ages ago as a date night}, but in the end he decided that he'd rather work better get some work done, so I took Jess instead. ;) 

Not that we were complaining...

^ I mean, check it out: we had some great seats that night. ^

And we got to party to some big hits like this one:

Added bonus: The rapper, Tinie Tempah, was the opening act that night and he really got the crowd warmed up with his hit songs. {Man, has that guy ever got a dazzling smile!} I love it when there's a surprisingly good opening act like that. Have a listen:

And looking back, I'm so pleased that Jess and I actually got to spend this time together, just the two of us, at that music concert. We've never done anything like that before and I can highly recommend it as a good idea for bonding time with a teenager. Of course, your timing has got to be good because often going out with parents to cool events is sooo not cool, so be warned. ;)

And that's the story of our crazy night of rap. :)

Over and out.

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