Field Trip | Tiritiri Matangi

Last week Luke's year group went on a school field trip to Tiritiri Matangi Island and I was one of the lucky parents chosen to chaperone those cute little people on that trip.

I love going on this particular school trip {I also did it with Sarah when she was in Year 5} because even though I had to make sure {as a chaperone} that the kids didn't fall off the wharf or the cliffs; or harm themselves, or others or any of the birds on the island ;), I did get to spend the day with my son and his sweet friends, looking for and learning about birds, while on our walk around that beautiful scientific reserve island. And that's not a bad way to spend a weekday. ;)

^ The kids started the trip with a bus ride to Gulf harbour where they ate their morning tea on the lawn while waiting for the ferry to arrive. This kid just melts my heart. ^

  ^ On the ferry from Gulf Harbour. ^

 ^ En route to Tiri. ^

  ^ Docked at Tiritiri Matangi. ^

And here are some of the species we saw on the island that day:

  ^ A North Island Robin. ^

^ Bellbirds. ^

^ Humans, on the trail. ;) ^

^ A Tui. ^

  ^ A red-crowned parakeet. Can you see it? ^

  ^ And my favourite bird on the island - the New Zealand pigeon. 
I know, I know, a pigeon! But wow, that's a beeeeg pigeon! And just look at those stunning colours! ^

After a little treasure hunt, we got to the top of the hill and had lunch before buying a few souvenirs at the gift store and then heading back down to the wharf. 

  ^ The lighthouse at the top of the hill. ^

  ^ And here comes the ferry for our return trip. ^

Earlier today I read this article and I had a really good giggle about 'The 9 kids you meet on a field trip' - kids can be so funny! I've got to say, though, that aside from our lot expressing their excitement about the trip a little loudly at times, they were all incredibly well behaved that day. :) {Thank goodness!}

So, do you sign up to help out on school field trips? Always? Sometimes? Or never?



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