Mother's Day

I had the loveliest Mother's Day this year...

^^^ It started with coffee and a pain au chocolat. {Perfect.}

^^^ I got flowers and chocolates and cards and hugs and kisses.

^^^ Then my darling husband whipped up two pans full of delicious paella for us for lunch.

^^^ And we spent a fun afternoon together - eating, laughing and taking photos...

^^^ I even got a cute reflection selfie with my son, in the sun, with Cape Town in the background.

And yes, I do have another daughter who did spend the day with me and we did take some photos together too, but alas, no joy when it came to getting permission to put them up on the blog today. :( {I blame the teasers and the haters.}

True fact: I think I might like celebrating Mother's Day just a little bit more than my birthday because celebrating being the mother of three wonderful human beings is infinitely better than celebrating getting a year older. ;)

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