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We've had a good first week back at school {mostly because homework only begins next week - hah} - and for the most part we're ready for another busy school term and the inevitable colder weather that's coming our way {*dusting off the electric blankets and bringing the blankets out of storage*}. Can you guys believe it's already May?

Anyway, I thought I'd do a little photo drop of our lives lately - according to my iPhone - in a cheeky attempt to catch up on all the little stories that have been happening around here:

^^^ We met Colleen and Sam for brunch at a cute little place called Little King recently. It's a relatively new spot in Milford and I'd been wanting to go there for ages, so I was super chuffed when Colleen suggested it. Yum - good breakfast and coffee {although be warned: it does get quite busy on a Saturday morning and there was a 15 minute wait for our second coffees}.

^^^ Grant and I went out for dinner in the city recently - we got a booking at the popular Ostro down in Britomart and wow, what a lovely place that is! We had a fantastic, well-informed waiter and the food and wine = delicious. I'd highly recommend this place. I had a sublime eye fillet and Grant chose the sirloin; and our sides were also something to write home about. ;)

^^^ I tried to coax a smile out of this boy, I did, but he was too exhausted after playing two games of football {it's not called soccer, mum} last weekend.  ^^^ 'Player of the Day'.

^^^ Grant played in a grading squash tournament down at our local club last weekend and finished 2nd. {My hero!} And I went down and watched all three of his matches so I won the wife of the weekend award. ;)

^^^ Yesterday Luke played in a Rippa Rugby tournament and I went down to watch him - I love that he enjoys all of his sports. I took this photo after his last game in which he scored 3 or 4 tries and pulled off countless tags. {My hero!}

^^^ And I went down to Wellington during the last week of the school holidays to watch Sarah play in the Premier Girls Water Polo Nationals for her school. {Last year she came down with me as a spectator when Jessica played in that team - see those posts HERE and HERE.} I'm so proud of this girl - she's a Year 9 Middle Schooler and she's playing in the Senior Girls team! {My hero!} She played so well and even scored! {I plan on doing a separate post on our time down in Wellington. Coming soon...}

Wow, looking at all of these photos it seems as if I spend most of my waking hours watching my family play sport! {This weekend I get to watch Jessica play two Netball games too. :) } Thank goodness I love it!

I'll leave you with this little photo that I found on Instagram a little while ago...

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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