Oh my, so you know how life can sometimes morph into a crazy-fest and you really mean to blog, but then you don't? {You even go so far as to take your daughter's laptop away with you on your trip, with every intention of getting down to some writing and sharing, but then you just never do.} Well, that's what happened over here recently.

School holidays tend to take their toll on my productively here on the blog at the best of times {as you know}, and when I actually get on a plane and leave town, well it pretty much means crickets over here, I'm afraid. {Radio silence/chirp chirp, you get the picture.}

Anyway, over the next week or so I will endeavour to do some serious catching up on all our holiday activities and news.

And speaking of news, I wanted to let you know about my exciting blog news - this little blog was recently selected as "Expat blog of the month" for May, over on the Expat blog! Whoop whoop! {Nothing like a bit of bragging! ;) But the truth is I am just so excited about it!} If you click on THIS LINK it will take you over to my interview on that great website...

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