Tree Adventures

During the holidays we were lucky enough to have Lauren and Samantha come and spend a week with us here in Auckland. {They are the daughters of our family friends from South Africa who now live in Melbourne.} And those four teen girls had a pretty full agenda of shopping, lunches, a trip to Rainbow's End, movies, dinners and photo sessions that week. ;)  I've got to say that it's so wonderful to see these girls maintaining their friendships despite living in different countries now. I think the fact that they share the life experience of immigration and a common history has definitely strengthened and solidified these friendships. I truly hope they last forever. :) 

While they were here, we visited Tree Adventures in Woodhill Forest in Auckland and I've got to say - that place is pretty damn awesome! Not only is it incredibly beautiful in that forest, but the adrenalin rush you get doing those tree adventures is super amazing. Anyway, I obviously wasn't thinking very clearly that day because I went ahead and signed up to climb H-I-G-H up into those trees, and then proceeded to quietly freak out up there while slowly {and clumsily} clambering from one tree to the next. Yowzer! I definitely pushed myself big-time that day. Seriously, I was so well out of my comfort zone that I think I deserve a prize or something. But despite being so brave, I packed it in after completing two of those courses because I was just so physically and emotionally spent! I kid you not. A little voice deep inside told me that I'd had enough. ;) {Probably a blessing too because I was soooo stiff the next day, I shudder to think how I would have felt if I'd finished that course!}

Safety is obviously an important part of this adventure and ^ here we are learning how to do the carabiners and various other thingymabobs. And, uh,  how gorgeous are those helmets? ;)

^ I mean...

^ Samantha and Jess.

^ Yes, I also did this one! I don't know what I was thinking because that wire is incredibly far from the ground and although you're securely clipped on, you're still walking a tight-rope! Arrrgggg!

^ But even though I was up there p-u-s-h-i-n-g through my fear, the kids absolutely loved it! Luke was a total fearless natural. In his element. Happy days.

^ Luke.

^ Lauren.

^ Sarah.

I'd highly recommend this amazing activity if you're looking for something fun to do in Auckland. {Even if you're a little scared of heights like me, the feeling of accomplishment you achieve after doing this makes it so worth it. You almost feel like you could be a member of Dauntless after all!} ;)

You can find Tree Adventures on Boundary Road in the Woodhill Forest.

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