I'm So Over This Cough

Yesterday, after going to the doctor for the second time in two weeks, I crept into bed during the day for the first time since coming down with this dreaded cough four+ weeks ago. All the coughing and feeling ill had finally caught up with me and I desperately needed some down time, without any laundry or tidying up getting in the way. {Sorry, I realise that there's a pathetic little pity party in action over here. But, whatevs, I'm sick. ;) }

Anyway, the whole 'lying around, feeling sick' thing didn't last very long because, well, life goes on, kids need transporting and dinner needs organising, but I've got to tell you: that precious time snuggled up in bed did me the world of good {and I guess those antibiotics didn't go amiss either}.

And before I leave, I must quickly mention that these girls of mine have been stepping up big time when it comes to making the family dinner over the last few days. I've just got to say: Thanks, girls! You're da bomb. Love you long time. xx

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