Our Weekend in Hamilton

So it was the Queen's birthday weekend a couple of weekends ago and instead of throwing a 45th birthday party for me {oh hey, it was my birthday ;) }, we drove down to Hamilton to watch Sarah play in a water polo tournament. Because who wants to celebrate becoming middle aged anyway? {Hint: not me.} I mean. 45! That sounds just crazy to me. WTH.


So we spent most of our time at the Waterworld pools which were across the road from our very upmarket hotel, but we also managed to fit in a visit to the very pretty Hamilton Gardens, pick up the sweetest passion fruit at a cute little farmer's market close to the Waikato river somewhere in Hamilton {it was my first time in Hamilton, so I didn't know where we were most of the time - haha} and venture out to the quaint little town of Cambridge one afternoon too.

^^^ Here is Sarah shooting a penalty which she nailed. :) Blue no. 4. Proud mama over here.

^^^ The very pretty Fairfield bridge over the Waikato river in Hamilton.

^^^ Autumn colours en route to the Hamilton Gardens.

^^^ Hamilton Gardens on a brilliantly sunny day is a sight to behold.

And here are a few more shots from our morning there:

And here's one last shot of Sarah during one of her games:

I'm so proud of this girl. She played her heart out and got a good many goals and steals. Her team played well and were even complimented on their awesome defence work, which was wonderful. They ended up in fourth place at the tournament that weekend so well done to all those girls. :)

Anyway Hamilton - you're very pretty and I like your river - so I'll definitely see you again some time in the future, k?


  1. Wow! Beautiful Pics!! Will definitely have to do a roadtrip some time. Well done again to Sarah and her team. Such a little star!


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