Dinner on Santa Monica Pier

The Santa Monica pier is one of those places that has to be visited, apparently, so off we went in search of dinner there a couple of nights ago.

And look who we saw down there! The famous Zoltar! Of course we had to get him to talk to us. And of course after Luke got his future fortune, Grant had to tell him that the machine wasn't actually plugged in! ;) Hah! Feeble jokes are my best.  ^^^

Then, after walking the length of the pier dodging the crowds, we decided to have dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., as the restaurant that had been recommended to us had apparently burnt down recently!

Look at these cuties. They're being very indulgent of all my photo demands. :) ^^^ 

Anyway, remember Forest Gump?

Well, this restaurant is all about old Forest Gump. And his shrimps. 

I have to say: the food wasn't my best (not like a good feeble joke), but the waiters were highly entertaining and I got to keep my crazy jam jar cocktail glass as a souvenir, so it was a good end to a fun evening on that pier.

Oh, one thing I wished I'd tried that night, {but we were just too full} was the delicious looking, huge funnel cakes they were selling on the pier. Wow, those things looked fantastic! I hope I get to try one somewhere else on our travels around Cali this holiday. 

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