Hollywood and Beverly Hills

So we did a bus tour, you guys. To see celebrity homes. #nohate #touristforaday #beatravellernotatourist #ohwellitwasfun

And guess what? I saw David Spade! It's true. We were driving past Ellen De Generes's house in Beverly Hills at the time {ahem}, and he cruises past our open-top Starline van, all blonde hair and sunglasses, in his convertible. And get this - he smiled and waved! I kid you not. That happened. #daymade #hahaha

Also? I want to live in Beverly Hills. Those houses are gorgeous. And the gardens! Beautiful. And the weather. Damn!

Looking back - our van cruising down Rodeo Drive, in the California sun. ^^^

And after all that tour van excitement {hah}, we wandered up and down Hollywood Boulevard, where we saw the Chinese Theatre {a huge IMAX cinema} and the Dolby Theatre {where the Academy Awards takes place}. 

Outside the Chinese Theatre. I love you, Meryl! ^^^

And then we dodged the crowds along the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

...before visiting Madame Tussauds.

Awesomeness right there. On the left. ^^^

Fierce, my boy! ^^^

Me getting a little forward with Will. ^^^

And later, when we were all 'celebritied' out {and hungry too}, we went for dinner at a lovely sushi restaurant in a shopping complex on Hollywood Boulevard...

... where the kids made us pose for this photo {and about a trillion others}, in an attempt to teach us how to produce a good photo! Good times. #omgseriously #lol ^^^

And that was the end to another great day in Cali. :)

PS I'm using my iPhone to blog and I'm only using iPhone photos because I haven't uploaded any of my camera shots yet. 

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  1. Wonderful photos! Wonderful memories!!! xxxx


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