Universal Studios

On Sunday we went to Universal Studios. And it was good.

It was also go, go, go from the minute we entered, because we knew we had lots to fit in there that day. No messing about when there's fun to be had, right?!  But, um, okay, maybe just a couple of refreshment breaks to keep the energy levels up and the troops content. {Woo Hoo, our first theme park adventure as a family in the States!} :)

We started in the lower lot with the awesome rides they have down there - Transformers 3D, Jurassic Park and Revenge of the Mummy; then we rode the looooooooong escalators to the upper lot where we did The Simpson ride, Despicable Me and Shrek in 4D.

The rides were all amazing and we laughed a lot that day. {Especially at one particular photo that was taken of us on a ride at the park. Man, we're still laughing about that one!} 

This Waterworld show was very good. ^^^

And so was this donut. Seriously. I think this was the yummiest donut I've ever eaten. So fresh and tasty. I wish we'd bought more than one. :) ^^^

Luke and Spongebob. ^^^

After the Dedpicable Me ride. ^^^

And purple candy floss. Say no more. ^^^

It's been really fun hanging out together as a family on this holiday and getting to share all these fun times and hilarious moments with each other. So good for the soul. All of us have loved it {yes, even the teenagers}.

Universal Studios, you're the best! Thank you for a fantastic day, you've been a highlight of our trip so far. 

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  1. Amazing pics! Love them all, but especially Luke with Spongebob, and Jess and the doughnut! xxx


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