A Weekend In Sydney

This past weekend Grant and I flew over to Sydney to visit some friends - friends who live in that big, beautiful city across the pond, and friends who were visiting there from Cape Town.

We spent Friday night at Andrew's house, catching up with him, Shane and Gené. We worked out that we hadn't seen Shane and Gené for probably 4 years, so it was fantastic to be able to spend time with them again - nothing beats face to face connection. And wow, spending time with them made me realise just how much I miss all my other Cape Town friends too! I'm thinking that it might be time for another visit... we haven't been back for so long.

On Saturday morning, we caught the train to the city, and walked around for a while before meeting up with some other friends from Cape Town. I got to spend time with a friend of mine from university days who has lived in Sydney for about five years now. She has a sister who lives in Auckland so between her visits to Auckland and my visits to Sydney, we manage to see each other quite frequently which is so wonderful. It is so great for us immigrants to have 'familiar history' and be able to spend time with people who share so many old memories. Love these guys!

We all had lunch at a wonderful Japanese restaurant called Saké, in The Rocks, and then wandered around that lovely neighbourhood, popping in for coffee and a chocolate treat at Guylian before walking around the market.

And after all that running around, we dashed back home to get ready to go out for dinner that night. We met another two couples at a restaurant called Ripples and had a fun evening together there before Grant's and my energy levels hit a low (that two hour time difference can make a big difference when you're busy and staying up late at night).

It was such a wonderful (and very quick) weekend away and so good to see old friends again. I'd forgotten just how big Sydney is, and how hectic the traffic is there, and I'd wanted to meet up with a school friend, but unfortunately I didn't get it together. I'll have to make another plan to get back there in the not too distance future because it's so special to see 'your' people in life and it's important to make the effort to connect.

And oh boy, yes, speaking of special people - it's nearly Christmas! I loved this Father Christmas made out of plastic crates that is part of a festive exhibit down at The Rocks in Sydney at the moment. People can be so creative and clever! I'm thinking that it's nearly time to get all of our Christmas decorations out of storage, and get that Christmas spirit flowing around here! Deck the halls and all that. Yes.

Okay, chat again soon, guys. Hope you're all managing to remain calm as the end of the year fast approaches us! x


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