Another Day in San Diego | Sea World and Coronado Island

So look what I found in my draft folder - the last post I wrote about our trip to the States back in 2014! 

Disclosure: I think this post has been in my draft folder all this time because it made (and still makes) me feel a little uncomfortable. Reason: we watched the whale show while at Sea World. (I even mentioned something about that at the time.) But I'm pleased to see that Sea World is moving away from viewing Orcas in theatrical shows to viewing them in educational encounters instead.

Anyway, here is the old post:

On another beautiful day in San Diego, we visited Sea World and got to see two great shows...

The whale show was sensational {even though we obviously aren't happy that these majestic creatures live in captivity}.

I found myself totally intrigued throughout the show and kept turning to Jessica {who was sitting next to me} to verbalise my awe at the beauty of it all. I think she was quite taken with Shamu and his friends too. ;)

And the dolphin show was also highly entertaining, with a lot going on - there was a bird show and various people doing amazing tricks both in the water and high up in the sky:

And there was also some quiet contemplation:

And after seeing all of those gorgeous sea creatures {and some awesome flamingoes too}, we called it a day and went off in search of the Premium Retail Outlets! Because when in America, you gotta do some shopping! Am I right? And man, were those retail stores good! ;)

We spent a good few hours shopping there and then made our way to Coronado Island for some much needed dinner.

Grant chose Lil' Piggy's Bar-B-Q because he had a craving for a BBQ - and I'm so glad he did, because it hit the spot.

And this was the tastiest corn I've ever eaten. In my life. And I'm not even exaggerating. It was so crispy and sweet, Seriously, beyond yum!

And here we have the longest curly fry ever eaten by Luke:

And then, to finish off another fun day in San Diego, we were spoilt with a beautiful sunset!

See what I mean about San Diego?


Update: It's crazy, and wonderful, to see how much the kids have grown since that family trip! Seeing this old post confirms my desire to continue documenting all of our family memories, including lots of photographs, so that my photos don't simply sit on my computer at home, doing nothing; and the memories of our life adventures can live on. 

I will be covering the remaining 'old' or 'catch-up' posts in a different way - probably more like quick summaries, dotted in amongst my current posts. So going forward, you'll have to think of this blog like one of those complicated movies in which the director switches back and forth from the present to the past - but it probably won't be as artsy and fancy;  or as confusing, hopefully. Ha! ;)

Right, now I'm off to have lunch with my sister at the South African restaurant, the Spur, which has recently opened here in Auckland! Can't wait to get my hands on those crispy onion rings!

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