It's been exciting to be back here on the blog and I love getting your comments - thank you for taking the time to stop by and connect! Although I'm playing a big catch-up game at the moment, it has it's benefits because I'm getting to look back at all the hundreds of photos I took so long ago and it's bringing back all the feels! I'm loving it!

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was dashing off to have lunch with my sister, Colleen, at the recently opened Spur. And we got there! And I had a vanilla milkshake (yum) and these beauties:

Don't those onion rings look good? Haha. So funny that I wouldn't rush off to the Spur when we lived in South Africa (unless it was a young kid's birthday), but as soon as the Spur opened it's doors here on the North Shore, bam! There I was! Aah, good old nostalgia. 

The salad valley hasn't made the cut over here, but most other aspects of the chain remain the same (I'm looking at you, birthday song). Oh, and Colleen wondered what had happened to the monkey gland sauce? Anyone know? Not popular enough? No longer PC?

Yesterday, this little munchkin came to visit us:

Isn't she just the cutest? They stopped by after Evie's gymnastics class; and while she was tucking into some snacks, I couldn't help but annoy her by playing with some snapchat filters! 

Poor kid, having a crazy aunt like me. ;)

We've all been missing 'gaga' and 'pa' lots over here (come home already, mom and Geoff!), but we're so happy that they had such a great time over in the UK with Leigh, Neil and the kids!

They're about to land back in Auckland as I'm typing this and we're all so excited to see them again! (Sorry about those plants of yours that perished under my watch while you were away!) ;)

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