Throwback: Hawaii 2014

We ended our 2014 American trip in Hawaii, flying from San Francisco to Honolulu and heading straight to our hotel on Waikiki Beach. This was our first time visiting Hawaii and we were totally blown away by all of the beautiful beaches and the turquoise coloured water!

After a quick lunch at Duke's, a restaurant in our hotel that overlooked Waikiki, we made our way down to the beach and swam in that wonderful water. And it was heavenly! I'm a bona fide beach girl at heart. To me there's nothing quite like bobbing around in the ocean, with the sun shining down on you.

(And it was so fantastic to be winding down our awesome holiday - at the beach, especially after our busy time on the mainland which had seen us driving long distances, flying, seeing so many new and exciting places and having so many unforgettable experiences. It was the perfect end to our holiday.)

Below was the view from our hotel balcony, at sunset. I couldn't get enough of it - I think I took about a hundred photos of this view alone!

While we were there the kids and Grant did some surfing, which they loved. Here is Sarah on her first try after a few years:

And here are the boys: 

Waikiki is the perfect beach for beginners and those who haven't surfed for years! The only downside is that there are so many people out there competing for the same waves.

Hawaii seems to be very popular with New Zealanders. We bumped into some friends of ours from New Zealand, down on the beach:

I just can't get over how young Luke is here:

And Jess with darker hair:

And younger Sarah with one of the ring floats we bought at one of the numerous ABC stores:

We also hired a car one day and drove around the island - enjoying a delicious Jack Daniels burger at Buzz's Original Steak House and having a wonderful swim at Lanikai beach on the North Shore. We sampled the shrimp at Giovanni's Shrimp Truck (a well-known graffiti-decorated truck on the side of the road on the North Shore) along the way; and loved the rainbow coloured shaved ice we had for dessert at another roadside establishment. Enjoying this trip with the kids meant eating kid-exciting food and treats, and it meant we ended up eating at kid-friendly restaurants for the most part. Not altogether a bad thing, but it meant we didn't get to try any of the popular 'fancy' restaurants on this trip. (Oh well, another time perhaps?)

And after our week's stay on Oahu, we went back to the airport to fly home... or so we thought! Turns out our aeroplane had technical problems and we ended up staying on the island for two days longer than planned! Now that doesn't sound like much of problem to have, but in reality it was quite frustrating and tiresome. We were shuttled back and forth between the airport and various hotels on more than one occasion as they, first, worked on the plane and then, waited for parts to be flown in from New Zealand. Much of our time was spent in the airport lounge, doing things like this:

(Well some of us, anyway.)

We eventually got home - to the wettest, coldest weather ever! Ugh. But we were filled with the most amazing memories of one of the best holidays we've ever had together as a family.


  1. Great summary Bianca. Really looking forward to our trip to Hawaii in January!

    1. Ooh, you guys are going to have a wonderful time! Wish we were going with you! xx


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