Throwback: Las Vegas And San Francisco 2014

After enjoying our time in San Diego, we drove to Las Vegas, listening to KIIS FM and marvelling at the amazing desert views from our car windows. 

Friends told us to make a pit stop at Peggy Sue's diner on our way through to Vegas, and boy we weren't disappointed that we did. That place was packed, it was so popular! And what a wealth of memorabilia they had in there. It was a typical diner, just like in the movies, but more - definitely a highlight of our road trip that day. And the burgers and coke floats were a perfect lunch choice too. 

We found this game on our table and spent most of our lunch time testing our skills - such great fun:

Then we hit Las Vegas!

After checking into our amazing hotel (with stunning views, black and red decor, leather sofas and a huge bathtub with views across to the fake Eiffel Tower), we went exploring around in that heat! Our first stop was the Vegas Eye:

We got really lucky and managed to get a car all to ourselves (which is almost unheard of and very expensive if you book a private car) and we got to enjoy our drinks and cocktails while taking in these beautiful views of that amazing desert city:

I also want to mention in this post that I had my first and most delicious lobster roll in Las Vegas, and I'm totally hooked. So good!

Grant and I went to see a show one evening, by ourselves; and then we took the kids to see Le Rêve on another night. Wow! Those performers are so incredibly talented! And the choreography! Although the show is quite long for young kids (Luke looks quite tired in this photo), they all really enjoyed it.

It was so incredibly hot in Vegas when we were there (I mean, it was 38ºC at 10pm!), we spent some time at our hotel pool. Hotel pools are the places to hang in Vegas, turns out.

Just look how young the kids look in these photos. Breaks my heart just a little bit. However, one of the great things about writing these posts years later, is that I would have been loathe and very hesitant to include photos of myself back then, but now I'm thinking that I look quite young! Haha! Silver lining.

After Vegas we flew to San Francisco and one of the cool things we did there was cycle across the Golden Gate bridge. Despite the huge crowds, it was a real highlight of our trip.

Artistic alleyway photos were a big deal back then...

We did a trip to Alcatraz and Angel Island on another day in San Fran. And that was a fantastic experience too. We did the audio tour around the jail and learnt some fascinating facts about the history of the island and some of its notorious inmates.

How amazingly steep are those San Francisco streets? Wow!

We also went into Chinatown for dinner and a look around:

One day Jess went out shopping by herself and she came back with this rose and a crazy story. How wonderful is the colour of this rose? 

Sisters in arms:

Well done for getting through all of these photos and the accompanying stories! Las Vegas and San Francisco were two cities that I'd always wanted to visit and I'm so pleased we got to see them. We all made some wonderful memories over there.

And before I go (and while we're on the subject of the States) - I  hope Voting Day goes well today and that the outcome is a favourable one! 

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  1. Another great memory, pity about the election though :)


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