Jessica's Graduation Dinner

The last part of Jess's Graduation process was a Graduation Dinner that was held at a hotel in Auckland City on the 1st of December. It was a lovely evening spent celebrating the Class of 2016 with a slideshow of their classes over the years, a lovely dinner, lots of photos and the presentation of their Certificates of Graduation.

Seeing Jess go up on stage to receive her certificate was very special, and a memory that I'll never forget. (I also particularly loved listening to the kids sing their school song that night - it was so loud and sung with so much gusto! Too good.)

And lest I forget what I looked like that night too: Hah! ;) 

It was such a fun night out and great to get to catch up with many of the other parents again. 

And here are some of the official photos of Jess and her friends, that were taken on the night:

Congratulations, Jess! Love you. x


  1. Gorgeous photos! So proud of you Jess!!
    Love you lots 😘

  2. Who's the old man with the grey hair?

  3. Great memories and happy portents for the future of this lovely young lady. Congrats and miss you guys.

    1. Thank you so much, Dave. :) We miss you guys too. Hope to see you soon. xx

  4. One down, two to go ;), great way to celebrate the end of a chapter.

  5. In 6 short months we'll be doing same for Grayson. Seems like yesterday we were takung them to the vaccination clinic in their car seats :-)


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