November 2016 Little Things

I took this photo (below) at a very cool restaurant down at the Waterfront in Auckland on a date night back in November. The name of this restaurant, White and Wong's, had me loving it even before I'd tasted their delicious food! I mean, I just cannot resist a good play on words! And their food?! Oh so yummy! We tried a good few of their small meals, but the Peking Duck pancakes were my absolute favourite that night. So if you're looking for a cute restaurant with great food, in Auckland, you've got to try this place. (Not a sponsored ad.)

And other than enjoying a date night with my husband, I also got stuck into my pantry and did some reshuffling and cleaning out of the cupboards and the storage container area. Spring was definitely in the air back then, I reckon. (And I've still got a whole lot more to do before summer makes a steady appearance...)

And just so that I don't forget: I ended up doing a couple of Tank runs for the girls during their exam study time because our trusty smoothie maker broke down from over use! I've now invested in a Nutribullet (on sale! thank you, Briscoes) and I'm trying out a few new combinations of healthy ingredients in that thing. So far I've noted that a dash of cinnamon in their smoothies is not being welcomed by the girls. So if you have any exciting, healthy and tasty smoothie recipes that you swear by - please send them to me! I'm on a roll now - healthy smoothies all the way!

I wrote about a few other November happenings in this post - our Spur visit. I also wrote about Jessica's last day of school back in November, over here. Then there was our trip to Sydney which also happened in November.

November also brought with it a weekend of Netflix binge watching for me. Gilmore Girls brought out a new season called 'A Year in the Life' - after being off air since 2007! I had watched the entire GG series earlier this year and when I heard they were bringing out another season I was beyond excited! (Yeah, yeah - don't eye roll me!) Anyway, I watched all of those new programmes - 1½ hours x 4 and it was awesome. Here's a quick pic I took during the Summer part (of Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - 4 Seasons of A Year in the Life): I love that show!

And one last November thing:

This was our last car trip from school with all of my kids in the car! End of that chapter of our lives. Jess is wearing her Leaver's jumper in this photo. And hey, look, Burger King frozen Cokes, to celebrate! 

And that's November 2016. Over and out. x


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