October 2016: Hamilton Island Part 2

We booked a second day trip while we were there - this time way out on the Great Barrier Reef, to the Reefworld Pontoon in the middle of the ocean, where we snorkelled around Hardy Reef.

The trip out to Reefworld was quite treacherous for some (read: vomit bags), but luckily everyone in our party was fine. It was about a two hour trip out to the reef and on arrival we had lunch, before getting into our snorkelling gear and getting out into the ocean.

The boat pulled up to the Reefworld Pontoon:

Hardy Reef:

Looking at the ocean and reef from the boat was exciting, but boy, when you slipped under that water, a whole new world was revealed! And wow, was it magical.

I took this video from the Pontoon, looking down on the platform where you enter the water. I think they must feed the fish here because there are so many fish around that platform. There is also a glassed area downstairs on the Pontoon that looks out at this area and you can get to see lots of fish and activity from that window.

We also went for a ride in the glass bottomed boat that cruised along the reef drop-off and showed some of the amazing coral down there. My photos don't do this underwater world justice, sadly, but suffice to say it was simply stunning.

Our boys spent ages out in the water, snorkelling, diving down and playing games:

That truly was an amazing experience out there on the Great Barrier Reef. Unforgettable. And humbling - because the ocean is so vast. And also a little scary - because I've watched too many movies about disasters out in the ocean. Hah.

And other than our two day trips out, we spent our days just relaxing on Catseye Beach enjoying the warm weather, or exploring that lovely island:

My beach babies:

We had such a fantastic family holiday away - just what we all needed to break up the Auckland winter, and so good to reconnect with each other too.

And I feel very fortunate to have been to the Great Barrier Reef - especially seeing that it is pretty close to us here in this part of the world.

Okay, Hamilton Island, over and out. x


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