Throwback: August and September 2014

In an attempt to document all of our 'happenings' and keep even the small, seemingly unimportant events organised together in neat chapters, I'm going to be doing monthly updates as well as individual posts on the more exciting life happenings. This way I'll get to document both the big occasions and the little everyday events. Because I don't want to forget anything - big or small.

So here goes... photos and stories from August and September two years ago...

Here's a car selfie from two years ago! These car trips to and from school (before the kids started taking the school bus again) were a big part of our everyday lives. And while life constantly changes as the kids get older, some things do stay the same. For example, just the other day I took a selfie of all of my kids in our car - to commemorate Jessica's last day of school and exams - and our last car trip from school, all together. (She's now officially all finished with school - exams and all. Crazy to think that it's the end of that chapter of my life.)

I also went on a class field trip with Sarah back in August 2014 - see that post here.

Then in September of 2014, the son of family friends of ours from our Pearly Beach days, came to visit us after an exchange stint in Australia:

We took him up Sky Tower in Auckland City on one of the days he was here (photos above).

It was so wonderful to see him again after so many years! Hope that next time we see him here in Auckland, the rest of his family will be with him. ;)

And this was a little shopping trip to the city (Lush was a big time favourite back then):

And September 2014 saw Sarah going to her Year 9 Formal:

2014 was the year that Sarah played both U14A and U16C for her club. It was a big, busy year with sooooo much water polo. And she loved it all. (She was also playing in her school Junior AND Premier teams that year.) This is her U16C team who won bronze in the U16 Auckland League that year which was a pretty awesome achievement for them and their club as most of this team were U14s! (Or was that the North Islands tournament? I can't remember now. Anyway):

And this was her awesome U14A North Harbour team that cleaned up big time that year! They won the U14 Auckland League, Pan Pacs (an international tournament) AND the U14 New Zealand Nationals! Total superstars! It was so amazing to watch these girls play.

These last two photos were taken just after they'd landed back in Auckland from Wellington where they'd picked up their gold for Nationals. 

And that's August and September 2014, over and out. x

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  1. They've changed so much in two years! Loved looking at these pics, so cute!


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