Throwback: November 2014 Little Things

November 2014 was filled with lots of kid activity. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here we have the two Sarahs on their way to a year end school water polo party: (I found this photo on my phone later and totally fell in love with it.)

And then later at that water polo party:

Luke had a busy November that year. He went off on his Year 5 school camp to Kawau Island and somehow managed to look young when he left:

And then that much older while he was there! A friend of mine who was a parent helper on that camp sent this photo to me at the time and it was so wonderful to see him happy and having a good time over there.

Back in 2014 I wasn't very good at the selfie thing (okay, I'm still not very good at it - haha), but here is a little pic of me and my friends on our way to a Rolling Stones concert! I'm so happy that I got to see that band because despite their long career, I still hadn't managed to see them in concert by 2014. Anyway, it was a great night out as you can see from our big smiles! ;)

And you're just going to have to believe that is Mick Jagger on that screen down there because my night time photo skills are also not very good! Haha!

And here's a sweet little photo of Bailey outside my bedroom window one afternoon: (Just because.)

Luke and his school football team at one of their games that November:

And sporting his favourite football (soccer) shirt: (He lived in that thing at the time!)

And here is his tired little face when I picked him up from school one day:

Probably after a long day at school where they had also been rehearsing for their end of year show - Dr Seuss's Horton Hears a Who:

Luke's Year 5 year was such a happy one. He had the BEST teacher that year, lovely kids in his class and he enjoyed every aspect of school that year.

He also loved trampolining and spent many an afternoon out on his trampoline, perfecting all the routines that he'd been learning at the trampolining classes he was taking back then. He managed to earn three or four badges from that club in the short time he was there, that energetic kid of ours! The only reason he had to quit was because he was so busy with all of his team sports - too little time in the day to fit everything in.

And here's a little photo I took one morning before school - Luke and Bailey having a moment:

And that's it for November 2014. Over and out. x


  1. Was that really Jagger😀 I suppose Jess was in her no photo phase that month.

    1. Yes! Put your glasses on! Hahahaha! And yes, that was the YEAR of Jess's no photo phase, more like it. Hahahaha!


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