Christmas Day 2016

We've been having a very mellow festive season around here and I've been so grateful for family and friends and being able to get some serious rest and relaxation during this time. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my Christmas posts and how I was enjoying the carols, candles and Christmas movies BIG TIME! I love this time of the year!

And so I thought I'd pop in here with a post about our Christmas Day because it was so lovely - a Christmas that I really enjoyed this time around. Not that I don't always enjoy Christmas Day, but this one was a particularly good one. Everything worked out well, I had lots of help with lunch prep (thanks to everybody for their contributions) and I was incredibly organised this year (I'd wrapped all of my gifts well before Christmas Eve, no ways!) - and all that definitely added to the happy Christmas spirit that I felt that day.

These beautiful stockings were made by my mom years ago, and are prized possessions at Christmas time. I think my favourite part of Christmas gift buying is finding all the goodies to stuff into these stockings. And I know my kids love digging their hands into them to see what else Santa thought up to surprise them with. ;)

And Bailey also has her very own Christmas stocking:

Every year the kids get Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve. This has been one of our traditions since they were born and I love that they still get excited about this every year: (Okay, Luke doesn't look particularly excited here, but that's got more to do with me taking his photo than anything else.) ;) 

Sarah got to wear the Santa apron when she was helping in the kitchen that morning:

And she wasn't the only one helping out that morning: we also had Luke scrubbing potatoes and prepping the hams: (Got to train them up young.)

I went with a gold theme for one of the tables and managed to snag some cute gold cutlery: (I snapped this photo before the food had come out...)

And we agreed on blue as our family dress code colour for the day so I had a good laugh when everybody who joined us for lunch that day was wearing some form of blue! So very crazy!

I nabbed this shot from my sister's Instagram:

My sister, her husband and their darling daughter: (Also from her Instagram! Thanks, Colleen.)

My brother-in-law's family also joined us for lunch that day:

And our good friends and their son were also with us that day:

This is the group photo we managed to take - and Bailey wasn't missing out on being part of that photo! Darling girl. 

This little poppet really stood out that day - not because she was the only one not wearing some shade of blue, but because she was just so precious in her cute little outfit! I LOVE this little munchkin so much! (Photo by my sister.)

Needless to say, we ate A LOT that day. And one of my favourite courses was this Tipsy Tart and cream! Soooo good.

Yay for Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends.

I've seen that time flies by so quickly because of the busy lives we now lead so we have to be sure to slow things down to thoroughly savour every moment and occasion - and good ways I found to do that this Christmas was to continue our family traditions, watch Christmas movies with my husband and our kids, get everyone involved (in singing and dancing to Christmas carols/Christmas shopping/prepping lunch/deciding on colour themes/decorating the tree), plan all the details, enjoy every part of the build up to the big day and spend good time connecting with your special people every step of the way. It's all the memories that we make along the way that make life special, and make the special occasions extra happy.

Christmas 2016, over and out. x


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