Sarah Turned 16!

It seems almost crazy that this baby of mine is now 16. 16?! I mean, how can this be? Geez!

I feel like I want to hold onto these precious years, tease them out and make them last longer, savouring each and every moment - the good and the not so good. My heart and the voice inside my head are silently shouting: SLOW DOWN ALL THIS GROWING UP ALREADY! I'm not ready to move on yet!

So I'm loving up on this girl because I know how quickly these next two years are going to go, and I just want to enjoy every moment of having her around the house, and all the excitement and fun that comes with having teenagers.

She's at the age now that her friends are all-important and spending time with them is everything. But luckily she's also a little homebody who loves to lie on the sofa catching up on Home and Away, dance with her dog, play her music and sing loudly along to some of those crazy songs and hang around the kitchen island telling us funny stories.

And 'Sweet 16' is so appropriate for this kid. She's definitely a real sweetie, with an enormous heart of gold. And I'm so very grateful that I get to spend this life with her.

My mom made this lovely cake for Sarah (thanks mom!) and it was DELICIOUS!

Having a December birthday is not the best, (only just better than having a birthday in the beginning of January, I reckon) but we had to have a small party to celebrate Sarah's big milestone, so she invited about twenty of her school friends over for burgers + fries, loud music and laughter. And that yummy birthday cake, of course.

And now it's time to get Sarah to do her learner's licence, (and boy does that little fact make me all kinds of nervous! guys, I was NOT cut out to teach kids to drive! haha!) but I'm not going to push her because while it would be great to have a break from driving her to water polo and swim training every day, I would miss our time together in the car: dancing and singing to (LOUD) music, and listening to her chat about her life. Those are some of the very special moments.

Happy Sweet 16, Sarah! I love you so much. Birthday post, over and out. x


  1. Captured our cutie very well.

  2. Great entry, Biancs. Such nostalgia....

    1. Thanks Dave. :) I feel so fortunate to have all my special people in my life. It's what makes life happy. And thank you for being such a beautiful person and friend to us - you have such a big heart and are so thoughtful with your lovely comments - I really appreciate them and you. xx

  3. Wow! It’s beautiful. My friends got black and silver air balloons on my 21st birthday that we had at a beautiful Chicago venues . They probably thought about it at a later stage but it does feel a lot very special. You guys look stunning in these dresses and I liked going through this post. Congratulations on turning sweet 16.


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