Melbourne: Australian Open 2017

Grant and I went to the Australian Open again this year and we were beyond excited to get to watch such brilliant tennis again, but not only that - visiting Melbourne also means that we get to see all of our friends who live there. And this year there was the added bonus of getting to see our great friends from Cape Town who have just recently moved to Melbourne too! Woo Hoo! I already loved you, Melbourne! And now there are even more reasons why I think you're adorable!

We were fortunate enough to witness the brilliance of both Venice and Serena Williams, Andy Murray vs Mischa Zverev, Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori (2 of the most awesome matches!), Gael Monfils vs Rafa Nadal and Dominic Thiem vs David Goffin. These players are all phenomenal! Seriously amazing talent. I'm always so blown away at what they can do. And I was so pleased that Roger Federer won in the end, despite Rafa Nadal's extraordinary comeback. Sorry, Rafa.

We had two full days of tennis while we were in Melbourne and boy, those days are long - from 11 in the morning 'til after 11 at night (and later) sometimes! We did take some breaks in between to dash out for a meal or, in my case, for a quick jaunt around the Banksy exhibit which was on in Melbourne when we were there.

^ Um...

^ Really? Kanye in one of my blog posts? Crazy times, I tell you.

But on a serious note, I really enjoyed walking around this exhibition, (and not only because it was about 36 degrees celsius outside and that exhibition hall was air-conditioned), but because Banksy is such a crazy clever artist. And it was a real treat getting to see his creations and to witness this snippet of art history.

And the rest of our time in Melbourne was spent with friends, and EATING!

Seriously, we'd make breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks plans so that we could sample just some of Melbourne's delicious food while meeting up with friends! That city has some of the best restaurants.

Our friends Mark and Glynn introduced us to the awe-inspiring Italian spot called Brunetti's in Carlton and wow, that place rocked!

Not only do they house a pastry section that is second to none:

I mean, seriously?

But their coffee is sublime, they have a fresh sandwich selection, their breakfasts are to die for and they also have an awesome pizza oven section and a gelato bar at the back. Everything delicious seems to be covered in that place.

We took a stroll down from Brunetti's back into the city (mostly to walk off all the food we'd just consumed, but also because it was a beautiful day and that area is very cool), passing the old Gaol and some other beautiful buildings and areas along the way:

We then met other friends for lunch in the city:

We had dinner with our great Cape Town friends on one of the nights too. I didn't get any of my own photos, but here's one that I got from Facebook! ;) Thanks, Michael!

We had dinner at Supernormal on one of the nights we were there - and boy, that restaurant never disappoints! I HIGHLY recommend having a meal there. Their lobster rolls! Totally yummy.

And we also popped in for a night cap at Go Go bar which serves some delicious cocktails:

I love the way they light up their buildings in the city at night. And those trams are the best. Melbourne, you're incredibly cute.

And here's a little video I took while at the Australian Open this year. The marketing is so very clever on all things AO:

And that was our Melbourne trip to AO2017, over and out. x

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