Throwback: December 2014 Little Things

December 2014 seems like an absolute AGE ago now, but I really want to document all of the important parts of our lives so please bear with me as I ... celebrate all the little (and big) things!

Here's Luke with a few of his mates at inter-schools athletics day back in 2014. He loves running and high jump and always has great fun at this annual event that they have to qualify for at their school athletics day. 

2014 was the year that Sarah played in the North Harbour U14A Girls Team and they won Gold in the Auckland League. This photo was taken after that win:

Sarah also won North Harbour MVP for her school team during the Auckland League and got to play in the All Stars Team that night:

And this is just a cute photo from that month (hah):

I took these crazy boys to a party on the other side of the bridge one day (it would seem that Luke's love of being photographed started a long time ago):

I took this photo at Nationals down in Wellington that year. This was right after Sarah and her North Harbour U14A team had won gold at Nationals: Woo Hoo!

It was Sarah's birthday during the Nationals tournament down in Wellington and I bought these cute cupcakes for her and the team, as a little treat:

I love going down to Wellington - it's such a cute city!

This photo was taken at the airport on their return to Auckland after winning Gold:

And one other notable event that happened back in December 2014 was the Coast to Coast Walk. All the Year 5s do this amazing walk with their school mates and I was a parent helper with Sarah when she was in Year 5 and I loved that walk so much that I signed up to do it with Luke's Year group as well!

It's a huge accomplishment for these kids to complete this long walk! I took this photo right at the end - how cool is that bicycle 'sculpture'?!

And those were some of our highlights of December 2014 - before our family from Cape Town arrived for a visit. More about their visit in another post (there are lots of photos and I think it could do with a post of it's own).

December 2014, little things, over and out. x

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