Waitangi Weekend 2017!

Two weekends ago we celebrated Waitangi Weekend in New Zealand and were invited up to Algies Bay for the long weekend with friends. And wow, we were so lucky with the weather! Summer has been a bit up and down here this year, but we had three days of gorgeous sunshine on our weekend away which was just brilliant! Everything feels so much better when the sun is shining.

We spent two full days out on the water, cruising around Kawau island, which is exactly where you want to be when the weather is good and you're with friends!

Our first stop on Saturday morning was Mansion House on Kawau island. Our friend has nicknamed this bay "Ice-cream Bay" because the little cafe on the island sells delicious ice-creams (definitely a good reason to pull in here). So we dropped anchor there, went in search of those ice-creams and then did a short walk to Ladys Bay where the kids jumped off the cliffs (!!!) and I had the most divine swim.

^ Mansion House in the background. Our friend, Durk, captured this cool photo of Grant enjoying his new jet ski: (thank you, Durk)

^ Ladys Bay. There's a little video of that place on my Instagram if you want to go and have a look.

^ Can you see that splash up there? That was one of the kids jumping off the cliff!

This is a crazy beautiful beach and I wished we could have stayed here longer that day! I definitely want to go back there soon. I mean, just look at that wild gorgeousness!
Then we cruised off to Vivian Bay a little further around the island, and the views from the boat were beautiful. I love this island life.

We hopped off for a swim here and then cruised a little further around the corner to have lunch.
I can't seem to find any photos of the little bay where we spent the afternoon, but it also had a cute beach and some spectacular sand cliffs. We spent the afternoon eating a delicious lunch, swimming, cruising on the stand up paddleboard, jet skiing, fishing and snoozing in the sun.

The next morning we refuelled in Bon Accord, at the Kawau Boating Club, where we also got another caffeine boost before cruising back to Vivian Bay to meet up with other friends who were also there for the day.

^ I couldn't get enough of that clear water there! And what a cute place that Boat Club was! Very quaint.

We spent the rest of the day in Vivian Bay and it was totally blissful. We even had three dolphins swimming around the bay all afternoon too! So amazing! They swam right under Luke when he was swimming! Yowzer!

We also got to try aqua boarding! (Even me!) It was sooo cool! You essentially get pulled behind a small boat and tilt your board up, down and to the sides, moving you through the water. (Goggles are necessary to see where you're going! I cruised just above a whole bunch of seaweed at one point which was awesome!) Thanks, Paula and Duff!

The Spirit of New Zealand ship was cruising around Kawau that weekend too:

And after another full day on the water, we headed back for evening snacks before dinner: (Such a pity the view was so terrible. ;) Hah!)

And we ended off our amazing weekend with a stop off at Brick Bay, a winery with a sculpture trail:

It's been great having two long weekends recently - it always helps the kids ease back into their school year with two shorter 4 day weeks. And of course, it's always so great to have Grant home with us for a long weekend! He had just arrived home after being away on business for nearly two weeks so it was wonderful timing to get away and relax the way we did.

Here's to hoping that because Summer started pretty late this year, we'll get to enjoy warm weather later into the year too! *holding thumbs*

Long weekend, over and out. x


  1. An amazing weekend was had by all! Gorgeous pics.

    1. Thanks! It was! Should really be taking our boat out that side!

  2. Great capture of the weekend. Thanks so much to Paul and Nikki for their fantastic and generous hospitality.


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