February 2017 Little Things

February was the month that my sister, Colleen, and I started playing a weekly tennis match - and it's been so great to get back into playing tennis again. Sadly I don't have a photo of us actually playing or even after playing, but that might just be a good thing, because there is A LOT of sweat involved and my face looks dangerously red after our matches! Hah!

February was also the month we spent a weekend with friends in Algies Bay and out on the water up north (see more about that weekend here).

I mentioned back then that Grant had bought a jet ski and we've really been enjoying some great time out on the water on that fun thing! One weekend we went out to Motuihe island to visit friends on our boat (it was one of our boat partner's turns for a weekend on the boat) and had some lunch with them before jetting off again. It's so beautiful to be out on the water, out in nature, and as we jet past some of the deserted islands in the gulf, I have to pinch myself at how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world.

Our brother-in-law had a birthday in February and we went along to celebrate with him (Happy Birthday, Sam!):

And on Valentine's Day we went to see Simple Minds and the B52s in the city, with some friends. What a blast from the past! Going to these 'oldies' shows is such fun - because oldies sure can (still) party like it's 1999. ;) And those B52s were AMAZING, you guys. I SO wish that I'd seen them in their heyday! The memories their music envokes - wow! All in all, a great way to spend our Valentine's night.

Our niece and cousin, Evie, celebrated her 2nd birthday in February too. It's been such a treat getting to watch her grow up over the last 2 years. She is the cutest! I feel very fortunate to have that clever little girl as my niece!

And we had some visitors in February too. The Opie girls (great South African friends of ours who now live in Melbourne) came to stay with us for a week towards the end of February, just before the two of them and Jess started Uni. (It's been a great year for visitors so far - first Isabella and then the Opie girls.) The three girls had a great time together - seeing the sights, going to some beautiful beaches and generally catching up and spending time together. Jess, Lauren and Samantha have been having holidays with each other for a good few years now which is so special (one year Jess visits them in Melbourne and the next they come to Auckland). To maintain their friendship from their Cape Town days is something that they treasure and will continue to treasure into the future. I guess having the immigration experience in common further binds them and cements their friendships. Immigrating can often mean the end of good, old friendships, but despite the fact that these girls live in different countries, they have made the effort to keep in contact and see each other regularly and I know it means a lot to Jessica to have these old friendships which involve so much history and so many memories. It certainly means a lot to me.

Sadly, Sarah had school camp during the week that the girls were here, so she only got to see them for a couple of days before she went off on her Hillary Leadership Experience. We sure did miss her when she was away for that week!

And that was February.

Over and out. x

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