January 2017 Little Things

Wow, you guys, this year is flying by already and I still haven't managed to get into any sort of rhythm with my blogging yet, which is pretty frustrating, but I'm cutting myself some big-time slack over here because... wait for it... I got a job!! That's right, a job! After not working in an office environment for 18 years, I now work half days, four times a week! And I'm t-i-r-e-d. Physically and mentally exhausted, I tell you. Haha! So, that's pretty huge news around here. Have any of you gone back to work after being a stay-at-home mom for many years? What are your thoughts about that life changing decision? I'd love to hear about your experience.

Anyway, here goes with what we got up to in January:

Summer was a tad sketchy this year, so when we had those beautiful, hot summer days (and we did), we took full advantage of them. The kids had friends over for pool days and they made good use of all our pool floaties. 

And before we went over to Melbourne for the Australian Open (read all about that trip in my post over here), we spent a lovely day and evening at the ASB Classic in Auckland, watching some great tennis at this cute city venue. Some of the many highlights of going to this tournament are the cosy arena, the delicious food and the yummy drinks. Not a bad way to spend a summer's evening...

And guys, summer food is my very best, especially this little combination below. It is seriously my favourite taste combination and totally tastes of summer to me. The sweet and salty wrapped up together is absolute bliss on a plate.

Coffee dates: I met Grant in the city for a coffee one day and we went to a cute little cafe called Mojo that serves great coffee and banana loaf. Mmm. I love little catch-ups with my husband during a work day.

And January also means we get to celebrate Grant's birthday. This year he opted out of having a party and instead, we went out for dinner with some friends who also celebrate a birthday in January:

Let's take a closer look at this little surprise plate at Jervois Steakhouse on the birthday celebration evening (those were some tasty little morsels):

We also went to another friend's 50th birthday party back in January. The dress theme was White which is a really cool Summer colour theme for a party. And the birthday boy REALLY fancies cars so this was his cake: (How great is that?)

Jessica had an old Cape Town school friend come and stay with us for a week back in January too, which was great fun. The last time they'd seen each other was when they were 11! Her family have recently moved to Nelson in the South Island and she decided to come and spend some time with us during her extended Christmas holiday stay with them. The girls had a great time catching up after so many years.

By the time the end of summer was rolling in, the weather eventually started being hot on a more regular basis and the kids lapped up every hot day before they had to go back to school:

Bailey, on the other hand, was seeking out all of the shady spots:

Another pool party:

And then it was time to go back to school, and to set up some much-missed routine once again. Luke started at a new school this year and has settled in very well, despite missing his old school friends a lot. Here's a photo of my tired boy on his first morning back at school:

I'm really going to miss strolling on the beach on these gorgeous summer evenings! Please Summer, don't stay away too long!

January, over and out. x


  1. It was a very full January. I will need to visit you at work for a coffee some day.


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