Throwback: Family Visit in December 2014 Part 1

Oh wow, it's pretty crazy that I'm only getting around to writing about this 2014 family visit now, but that's just the way things have panned out here on my little blog and I ask you to please bear with me as I continue documenting my 'lost' years over here. :/ SMH

I truly wish I hadn't had that little hiatus back then, but that's them apples and I've now got one year and nine months left to catch up on, in between my current posts. Sheesh! Onward and upward, and all that...

So anyway, back in December 2014, Grant's parents and his two brothers and their families, came out to visit us - and we were all incredibly excited about that! One of the saddest aspects of our immigration was that our children would miss out on daily life and growing up with their cousins. It was one of the things that really broke my heart because I have such fond memories of my cousins and me, growing up and making lasting memories together. I'm still very close to many of my cousins.

Anyway, we all enjoyed a wonderful and busy holiday together and Grant and I organised a good few activities, outings and trips away during his family's time here. They were here from just before Christmas, until just after Grant's birthday so we had some fun times celebrating all those occasions with each other.

Whenever we have guests visiting us, we try to go over to Waiheke Island because it's so beautiful over there and also a quick trip to get there by boat and ferry:

I loved watching all the kids interacting and spending time together:

We had a great day out on the island, spending time on the beach and having lunch. Some of us went over on our boat and the rest of us on the ferry.

Christmas is all about family for us, so that year was a real bumper celebration because we had members from both sides of the family with us!

And what's Christmas lunch without wearing those crazy hats from the crackers, right?

After Christmas we drove up to Matapouri, where we spent a week relaxing and exploring that part of the world:

Matapouri is a beautiful little seaside town up north of Auckland. It's got some gorgeous beaches, safe swimming and a few very cool hikes and walks in the area. We've still got so many new places to discover in New Zealand, but Matapouri is somewhere that I'd love to visit again.

And now I'm going to end Part 1 of this two part saga because this post will be far too photo heavy otherwise! Part 2 will follow and show you some of the walks and hikes we did while in Matapouri and finish off with our adventures in Auckland when we got back to the city...

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