March 2017 Little Things

So Jess started Uni at the beginning of March and I got to go to campus with her one day before lectures began, to organise a few things that she needed for the school year. We had a great day wandering around the city campus, visiting the book store, the student recreation area and the library. After we'd done everything we needed to do, we walked past the Clock Tower and through Albert Park (pictured below) to the city to get a few more things.

I got a photo of this outdoor board which can be seen along one of the main roads on campus - because it's a great little boost for Jess on her choice of Uni. She thought maybe she should have gone to a Uni out of town and get to experience residence life, but she's now happy that she has decided to study at the best university for her particular degree.

I love this Clock Tower in the city, and it's so cool that Jess will get to see this beautiful building up close every day now:

Here's my Uni student, slightly annoyed at me for making her walk uphill! At least we had some shade...

The South African cricket team were touring New Zealand and we were lucky enough to go to the 5th ODI here in Auckland during March. Luke met up with a friend, and spent the day with him there, and boy, did those two have the best time - playing cricket, watching cricket, eating, and collecting cricket cards. They ended their day getting autographs from all of the New Zealand cricketers and they were well chuffed about that!

Grant and I spent our day enjoying our packed picnic lunch, and watching the cricket and the crazy family in front of us! Most entertaining. ;)

That student life - out to yet another campus party or concert:

Grant and I had an #ultracool date night in the city in March - we went for some pretty good pizzas before heading off to enjoy a Midge Ure concert. For those of you who don't know, Midge Ure was the lead singer of the band Ultravox (among other bands) during the 80s. He still has an awesome voice and we had a fun evening at the Powerstation which is a small pub-type venue in the city. We so love going to all these 'oldie' singers' and bands' shows that are coming to Auckland. They are great opportunities for an exciting date night out.

(Pizza at Al Volo. ^^ Super yum.)

March was a big music concert month for us - we also went to an awesome 21 Pilots concert:

Sarah took a friend to the concert that night and we all had a great time - that band is soooo good and those musicians sooo talented!

March was also when we went to a light and sound event at the Auckland Domain one night - this was one of the many shows and events of the Auckland Arts Festival that took place here recently. Our 'show' started at 8.45pm that night and it involved walking through the Domain, along a dimly lit path, while viewing various light instalments and listening to the accompanying music along the way.

The first part was most enchanting and we saw some incredibly interesting ideas along the river and in between all the surrounding trees. We weren't allowed to take any photos (with a flash) along there as it would have ruined the experience for all of the audience, but it was a novel outing and it kept Luke very entertained. After emerging from the river path, we spent some time lying on the lawn underneath a few trees that had a big disco ball hanging from a branch, with lights shining on it, which made for an amazing effect of moving lights. It was quite crazy to be lying out in a field with a whole bunch of strangers, viewing the lights late at night, to the sound of some 'crazy' music that 'appeared' to be playing from some old gramophones that were randomly placed on the lawn. Crazy, and weirdly awesome.

I took these next two photos right at the end of the night walk (with my iPhone on no flash so it isn't the best quality):

Probably the cutest part of the walk was seeing these old lamps next to the benches which surrounded a pond and lawn. Each bench had a lamp on each side of it and different music or noises were playing at each bench. You could sit on the benches and take in the different vibes around each one. One bench had a soundtrack of screaming... 

I love how art pushes the boundaries and opens one's mind. And I loved doing something out of the ordinary and seeing Luke have this new and exciting experience. It made me realise that I need to schedule more art and cultural experiences for our family in the future.

Waking up early has one great advantage, and that is getting to see some gorgeous sunrises:

And good old Bailey is still going strong - loving her beach walks and swims and still driving us nuts by barking at any dog playing in the park in front of our house. 

Jess is in the process of making the adjustment to the heavy Uni work load and is working incredibly hard. This kid is putting in the hours and is on a steep learning curve when it comes to Accountancy (a subject she'd never done before now) and we're so proud of her conscientious approach to her studies.

And life on my Swan plant is slowing down as the weather has started to cool, but I managed to get a photo of this gorgeous specimen after she made her appearance into the world. (She hung around a while as it was pretty rainy that day.) I've so enjoyed watching all the activity on this plant for the last few months, and yes, I'll admit that I was most likely the most excited observer out of all the members of my family! Haha.

Friday morning shenanigans with my cute niece:

And that was March. Over and out. x


  1. It was a good March.

  2. Awesome account of happenings in the Swanepoel lives, love the stories and beautiful pics of gorgeous family xxx


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