Quick Trip To Wellington 2017

For a few years now, the April school holidays have meant a trip down to Wellington. And that's because the Senior School Nationals Water Polo Championships take place down there during that holiday. It's a fun (and nerve-wracking) few days of watching Sarah and her team play water polo against the other Premier Girls Teams in that tournament. And it's such awesome water polo to watch because these girls have some outstanding polo skills and the games are so exciting and nail-bitingly tight. 

Sarah's team went into the championship with quite a few injuries and much fatigue, but those extraordinary girls pulled it out of the bag and got to the semi-finals only to be pipped out of the Bronze medal by one goal! Quite devastating, but they did amazingly well to get that far (they also did better than they did last year by coming 4th as opposed to 6th).

I've been taking Luke along with me when I go down to Wellington so that he also gets a little trip away during the school holidays, and even though he isn't wildly keen on watching water polo game after water polo game, he still manages to have great fun during our time there.

Luke had been on a school trip down to Wellington to see the Gallipoli Exhibition at Te Papa Museum last year, so he took on the role of knowledgable tour guide when the two of us went to the museum in between games, on one of our days in the capital city. I have been dying to see that exhibition ever since it opened, and wow! it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! The giant, life-like sculptures that are part of that exhibition are sensational! I was blown away by how true to life they were. Absolutely incredible. Hats off to the producers of that exhibit - it was incredibly well done. They built the exhibit around a few key characters involved in the war, with a lot of interesting information and many personal items relating to their stories. It felt very real to me and it drove home just how devastating war is and how it should be avoided at all costs.

One of the great things about going away on a trip is the eating out! We were lucky enough to experience The Hippopotamus Restaurant on one of our nights there and boy was that a treat. Every part of my meal was delicious and it was wonderful to be able to spend an evening with a few of our water polo team parents. Sadly I didn't take any photos that night (a sure sign that we were having a great time, chatting and laughing, and far too busy to think about taking photos).

In between games on our final day we went for lunch in Lyall Bay, with this view of the sea and the surfers on one side;

and a perfect view of the airport with planes taking off and landing every few minutes, on the other side:

And wandering back to our hotel after dinner on another of our night's there, we came across this lane and I had to take a quick photo:

And besides some very good restaurants down in Wellington, they also have some fantastic stores. Last year when we were in Wellington, I stumbled upon a cute little store called Tea Pea. And this year I just had to pop back there to see what they had in store. That place has the cutest products and gives me so many great ideas. Just look at this fun lighting:

And that was our 2017 Wellington trip. Over and out. x

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