April Little Things

Besides our little trip to Wellington during April, we also had a busy time here at home. Luke went to his first social of his new school, which was held at a neighbouring girls' school - and proclaimed to have had a good time that evening. Success! It was a dress-up theme - American Football, and I'm beyond excited that he agreed to having this photo taken because these days it's a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to getting him to allow me to take photos of him. This guy is growing up so quickly at the moment and it seems as if I'm buying bigger shoes and clothes every five minutes around here! We're into the last days before he becomes a teenager and I can't bring myself to believe that crazy little fact!

He is enjoying his new school more and more and seems to be feeling a lot more settled going into the second term. He has chosen to play rugby at school this term and this is the first time playing the game. His rippa (tag) and touch rugby experience (rugby-type sports that he has played since he was 5) have stood him in good stead as he tries his hand at this new experience - because he has already scored a try in the second game that his team has played so far. 

I had a brunch date with my girls one morning during the holidays:

We went to a local cafe which has crazy/interesting facts attached to their milkshakes and they are always good for a laugh or gasp:

We also hosted Easter brunch at our house this year and I've got to get a bit more onto it with my photos because this was the only photo I managed to get of anybody at that brunch! Hey, Sam!

So I mentioned before that I was planning to up our cultural game around here and I'm totally winning at that great idea! I took Luke to the Auckland Art Gallery back in April where we wandered around and got to see these amazing meteorite-like creations by Judy Darragh, called Limbo:

We then took in the visiting exhibition called The Body Laid Bare which had some amazing pieces on display.

Term two brought with it the winter school uniform which Luke has declared "his favourite" as it is so comfortable and warm. :) He also still wears a blazer and hat and his raincoat has been seeing some action a few times since school started too!

Winter coastal walks can deliver some awesome vistas:

And Bailey, of course, couldn't care whether it's winter or summer, as long as she's getting a beach walk in:

And I snapped this shot one morning after the school rush, while I was sitting at the dining room table with my second cup of coffee:

And that was April, pretty much. Over and out. x

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