My Baby Turned Thirteen

Seriously, when your baby turns 13 (and your first born just turned 19 and you now have THREE teenagers at home), your bona fide adult card finally arrives in the mail. And I guess it's time. Those baby related issues are well and truly in your past, and now you're all about screen time, mobile phones, parties, hanging with friends, meeting up with friends at the mall/beach/wherever, and sleeping late. 

And don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not bemoaning the fact that my baby is now 13 (even though babies are incredibly cute and I'm never going to have my own one again) because teenagers can be a lot of fun, exciting to be around and a great source of entertainment. Also, did I mention that they sleep late?

Anyway, my baby became a teenager. And I keep having to say that little sentence to myself over and over again, just to let it sink in fully, to let my whole being accept this crazy milestone and appreciate it for all it's awesomeness. And it is awesome, and amazing. And wow, you guys. I no longer have a baby!

So on the night of Luke's birthday, we did a family dinner out at the good old South African restaurant called the Spur. This was a little family tradition when we lived in South Africa - every kid's birthday would be celebrated with family, at the Spur! And not having had a Spur around for a good few years now, now that we have a Spur here on the Shore we decided we might resurrect that little tradition for Luke's birthday this year. Hah.

Sadly Sam, Colleen and Evie couldn't join us, but my mom and Geoff were there with bells on! Yay!

Unfortunately nobody was keen to have the Spur singers do there birthday song for us which was a bit disappointing for me because that would have been a real laugh, but apparently teenagers aren't that keen on the whole embarrassing singing thing. Who knew? ;)

Instead we headed home and sang happy birthday to our birthday guy there:

And then he celebrated with a few friends at the movies the next day - they went to see Wonder Woman and I was so jealous I couldn't go with them (and Grant who took them) because it was Sarah's School Ball that night so I was busy driving her around to a couple of appointments that day! (More about that soon.)

So our new teenager had a great birthday weekend filled with family and friends, and I'm so happy and grateful that I get to spend my life with this lovable, awesome kid. I love him to bits, to the moon and back, forever!

Omg. 13!

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