Queen's Birthday Weekend 2017

After hosting a cosy curry evening at home on the Saturday night of Queen's Birthday weekend, we drove up to Algies Bay on the Sunday morning, to spend the rest of the long weekend there with friends. I love long weekends! Also, we got super lucky and enjoyed the most spectacularly beautiful winter's day out on the water, before the grey weather arrived.

We started the day by doing some fishing in the gulf and caught over 30 fish, but sadly all of them were about the size of this little one above, so we had to throw them all back! Boo. But the boys had lots of fun reeling those babies in, so all was not lost.

And after a few hours of fishing, we pulled into Kawau Island to have a late lunch...

(I love this island life.)

(Check out this fun activity below, and spot the two little islands in the background of this photo - they each have their own tree! Crazy.)

... and we then cruised back to Snells Beach where our friends' boat is being moored...

... and caught a gorgeous sunset after a glorious day out on the water.

And then Monday saw us going on the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail - just before enjoying a light lunch at the restaurant there.

The walk through the forest and the Kauri trees was absolutely stunning, and getting to appreciate the sometimes crazy art sculptures along the trail was a real treat. There was also classical music playing in the trees in one section of the walk which was a truly soul enriching experience and both the adults and the kids were totally transfixed by that. Such a great day. And weekend.

New Zealand, you're a very beautiful place.

Queen's Birthday Weekend, over and out.



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