Sarah's School Ball 2017

Besides all the family birthdays that we celebrate at this time of year, it also happens to be the school Ball season - and last weekend was a mad dash of activity and excitement, with Grant in charge of Luke's birthday party and me on Ball duty. Aw, just look how grown up this girl looks:

After her hair appointment, I dropped Sarah off at a friend's house in the early afternoon where she was having her make-up done, getting ready and celebrating with a few friends who were also there...

... and then we were off to a Pre-Ball function at another girl's house (which parents were also invited to attend). It's always so lovely to see how beautiful everyone looks dressed up, and get to catch up with the parents.

The kids hang with their friends, take loads of photos and then hop on the buses that were organised to take them to their Ball at a hotel venue in the city. Such an exciting evening for all of them!

And here are some photos that were taken at the Ball: 

Sarah with her Year 12 water polo premier team girls:

And Sarah with some of her Mount Maunganui holiday 'squad':

And wow, well done for getting through all of these photos, guys!

Sarah had a great time that night despite having a sore, aching back (more about that soon), poor girl. She's at school with a lovely bunch of kids and I've so enjoyed getting to know so many of them over the years they've been together (some since junior school). Good friends are really important to these teens and I'm incredibly grateful that Sarah has some good people in her life, people who love and care about her and always have her back. 

Ball 2017, over and out.


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