Throwback: March 2015 Little Things

I know it might be pretty confusing for you to be reading all of our very old news in all of these throwback posts of mine, but I do hope you still enjoy reading along anyway, and seeing all of the photos (which you wouldn't have seen before, so at least there's that)! I'm still slowly making my way through all of the missing months on my blog, but the good news is that I can see the light at the end of the long tunnel now, which is very encouraging. 

AND: Stay tuned for a whole new look on my blog some time in the near future too!

And now, back to March 2015 - Luke went away on school camp in March 2015:

It always breaks my heart just a little when I wave goodbye to my kids as they go off on the camp bus, even though I know that they're so excited to be going and always have a great time away with their friends:

Luke did the Weet-bix TRYathlon in 2015 and it was such fun watching him compete:

And March is a big birthday month for my parents:

Sarah went to the Holi Festival of Colours back in 2015 and she had a great time with her friends, getting totally covered in all the colours!

And that was March 2015, over and out.



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