Here is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues

Get yourself to Fiji! It still amazes me that we can leave 16℃ weather, (with rain - hello, Auckland in winter), fly two and a half hours north, and be greeted by 30℃ beautiful, warm weather! I love you, Fiji!

I'm beyond jealous that Fijians get to enjoy that kind of hot weather during their winter! And I'm beginning to think that I'm actually an island girl at heart. ;)

Anyway, as you may know if you read my previous post, we recently spent a glorious week in Fiji, where we stayed at the Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and Spa and got to relax and enjoy all of that warm Fiji sun. Wow, what a treat that was - and a fantastic way to beat the winter blues!

We booked two rooms at the Hilton - a beachfront guest room for Grant and me (we were fortunate to get a downstairs room without requesting one because you can request one but would then pay extra) which led straight onto the lawn and then the beach; and a suite for the kids (this included a bedroom and a lounge/dining room/kitchenette, with a balcony). There was a gas BBQ on the balcony, but we didn't use it during our stay, opting instead to try the various restaurants available at the many Denarau resorts and the Marina.

There are quite a few resorts in Denarau and we walked along the beach to have a look at the other hotels there. Verdict: each of the resorts have pros and cons. Some have awesome pools, but no beach; and others have beach access and water sports, but the hotel building doesn't appeal. I guess it depends what you want from a holiday. We really enjoyed our stay at the Hilton - the pools are great - there's a kiddie pool with slides, a couple of family pools and even an adult only pool. The accommodation and grounds are also modern looking, despite needing a bit of updating. 

We had dinner at both restaurants at the Hilton, but enjoyed our meals at other resorts more. We had a good meal at the Thai restaurant at the Radisson one night and the seafood platters at the Sheraton Denarau Villas were awesome - great setting too. One night we went through to the Marina and had a fun night at Cardo's eating to the sound of a great singer and her band, right there on the water front. And on the nights that we'd spent the whole day out on the water, we had light meals at our resort Deli which serves delicious salads, pizzas and other light meals. They also have the most scrummy watermelon and pineapple juices, iced coffee frappes and smoothies. We certainly didn't go hungry!

There's something incredibly special about island sunsets! I'm thinking it's those palm trees...

I managed to read two and a half books while in Fiji! Honestly, that's my idea of heaven - reading on a summer island holiday. Total bliss! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this next photo already:

Have any of you read The Handmaid's Tale? It's not a new book, but it's been adapted for TV and recently come out on Lightbox here in NZ, so it's very topical at the moment. After reading the book, we came back to Auckland and Grant and I watched the series - it didn't take us very long to get through Season 1! *bingewatchingmuch* Whoa! Quite a story.

In my previous post, I mentioned that we did two boat trips during our stay - the first trip we did was to a pontoon called Cloud 9 - go and have a look at that website and the videos - that place is amazing, and definitely worth a trip! It's a fun (party) pontoon in the middle of the ocean, near to some reefs. 

We spent the day swimming, snorkelling, tanning, reading, jumping from the pontoon and enjoying a stunning pizza lunch on that little piece of heaven. The kids loved it - lots of great jumping, swimming and snorkelling opportunities for Luke and endless very Instagram-able opportunities for the girls. Smiles all round.

A couple of days later we did a day trip to Savala island which includes a 1½ hr boat trip out to the island, great snorkelling on the nearby reef, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming and a BBQ lunch. Island life at it's best! And we had a great day out - getting back to our resort feeling totally relaxed, sun-kissed, tired and happy.

Our boys setting off for some snorkelling:

We saw some gorgeous fish while snorkelling here - such beautiful colours and quite a variety. And the big purple starfish were absolutely amazing!

Here's a happy snorkeller, coming in from his session. That water was so warm.

I can't tell you how much I miss being in Fiji now that we're back in wintery Auckland! But that little trip to soak up the sun has certainly given us some much needed sustenance to help us get through the rest of our winter here. 

PS This is not a sponsored post.

PPS Take me back to the islands!

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