May Little Things

Going to the beach on a beautiful winter's day is a calming experience compared to going during the summer months. Firstly, there are fewer people on the beach and also, the light is different and the cold air makes it fresh and mind-clearing. I love it when I do go, but I must admit that I've been in hibernation mode for a good few weeks now. Grant has become our chief dog walker around here and I'm forever grateful. Winter induces my lazy mode, I'm afraid, and I guess I should start working on that because not only would I benefit from getting a good walk in, but Bailey loves being out and about.


We entertained quite a bit back in May which was lots of fun as it's always so great to catch up with our friends - old and new. We were reminded back then just how small the world can sometimes be (even in this small country at the bottom of the world) when we reconnected with an old Cape Town friend I had met back at University, who had also gone to school with Grant. It was so great to see him again - he also lives here in Auckland - and we had a very happy night laughing about old times.

And of course, May was Jessica's birthday month, and she had a little get together with her girl friends on her birthday which happened to fall on a Saturday this year.

More about her birthday back here.

We also went out for dinner with friends to the Gypsy Caravan in Ponsonby one night. They were promoting their vegan and vegetarian menus and we enjoyed some very interesting food there that night.

And it was Mother's Day in May and I got spoilt with a pain au chocolat in bed, followed by bacon and eggs cooked by Luke and then a delicious lunch at my mom and Geoff's place. All in all it was a fabulous day full yummy food and lots of spoils!

Sarah has had a bad run lately - she's had constant back pain for over three months now and here she is about to have a blood test which alerted us to the fact that she has an iron deficiency too. Poor kid.

And I love getting together with my sister and my cute niece as often as I can because that little munchkin is growing up so quickly and is now chatting so much which is so adorable.

And that was May. Over and out.



  1. Don't worry, Bailey will be getting lots of walks this week! Grandpa loves to be out and about.


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