The New Look on my Blog is Here

And I'm incredibly pleased with how it's all turned out. I hope you'll find the new layout user-friendly and easy to navigate. Click on any blog post on the site and you'll be taken to that blog post, click on the Read More button...

to see the whole post, and look down the right hand column (on desktop) to find a follow section with a variety of options to follow along. There is also an archives section, a search section and a labels section which all have links to posts. The mobile version has a round button with 3 lines on it which, when clicked, opens a side menu that includes follow info, the archive and search bars, the labels section and other post links.

And then please leave a comment by simply clicking in the comments section below the post - and change that 'No comments' to 1 Comment - I'd love to hear from you!

Happy reading!

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