Throwback: April 2015 Little Things

I love going through old photos, but not when I have to scroll through hundreds of poor quality shots and endless duplicates of the same vista. Seriously. Writing these throwback posts has made me realise that I have been extremely lazy over the past few years, about culling all the duplicate and crappy photos that have been clogging up my Mac storage. It's embarrassing. And paralysing. And I think my disorganisation and tardiness have been significant contributing factors to my not blogging for so long. (It just wasn't a simple process.)

Also, going through my photos I wonder what on earth I was thinking when it came to some of my subject matter, and why I thought I needed ten variants of the same photo, every year? So as I've been writing these old throwback posts I've been doing some serious Marie Kondo tidying up, and damn, it feels goooood - and it's been a great exercise in gaining clarity going forward. New rules when it comes to taking photos: 1. fight the desire to take any photos of food; 2. I don't need any more photos of the islands out in the Hauraki Gulf; and 3. when the kids take thousands of selfies on my phone, pick one good one and delete the rest. Ruthless, that's what I'm going to be from now on. 

Anyway, here's April 2015:

During the school holidays we went over the bridge to Ponsonby, walked around the cool shops they have there and popped in for crepes and milkshakes.


That neighbourhood has some great views of the city:

And being April, Luke and I went down to Wellington to watch Sarah and her water polo team play at the Nationals tournament.

If I'm not mistaken, this was the year that Sarah's team came 2nd at Nationals. And boy, was that final game nail biting! So much so that their team coach got red carded during that game and had to leave the building! Whoa.

Sadly, this was the only photo I managed to get of the team as they were receiving their silver medals:

Luke and I always have great fun exploring down in Wellington - on this day we were down at the waterfront, and we popped in at Te Papa that visit too:

And that was April 2015, over and out.


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