Friday Fun Five

Yay for the weekend! 

So, we're pretty much in full hibernation mode here in wintery Auckland. There are the odd clear days when we catch a glimpse of our long-lost friends Spring and Summer, but for the most part it's 16℃, cloudy with the odd shower. Not that I'm complaining (much) because we've been enjoying our time spent indoors, but I am definitely starting to count the days to Summer now. Just saying.

Here are 5 things I wanted to share with you today:

1. This got me thinking: How social media warped my understanding of friendship.

2. Sarah's friend, Harvey, drew this free hand and I thought it was pretty good:

3. I met my friend, Helen, for a catch-up last week and I ordered this green smoothie (which was quite delicious despite the fact that it looked a little weird):

4. Do you enjoy a themed dress-up party or do you prefer to wear 'normal' clothes when you're socialising? Last weekend we went to a 40th which didn't have a dress-up theme, but friends of ours arrived late from another party (still dressed in their gear from that party) - and they upped the fun with those outfits. What do you think? Dress-up or no?

5. We're binge-watching The West Wing on Lightbox at the moment - and loving it. Here are The 75 best TV shows on Netflix - what are you watching? Any good recommendations?

Have a great weekend, everyone. Keep warm, southern hemisphere, and enjoy the rest of your summer, northern hemisphere!

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