Friday Fun Five

I hope you've all had a great week. And that you've got something fun planned for the coming weekend. We're going to have dinner with some friends on Saturday and I'm looking forward to having a lovely evening with them - having not seen them in ages.

Before I dash off to take Bailey to the vet for her regular injection for her hips and then go off to watch Luke run in his cross-country race, I wanted to share these five fun things with you:

1. I realise this concept might not be for everyone, but I still think it's so cool.

A mobile library! I don't know about you, but seeing lots of books together on shelves like this makes me incredibly happy. If I hadn't just loaded a new book onto my Kindle, I would have climbed those stairs, dusted off my library card and taken one of those books out. I love that Auckland Council has this facility for those who want to use it.

2. I miss my Nan. And I love this song and its music video:

3. Coffee art. Spreading the love.

4. Social media seems to be changing daily - have you seen this?

5. And have you read any of these? 11 Books on the future of humanity that everyone should read. (I read two of these at school as they were school set work books and just recently finished The Handmaid's Tale. There are quite a few others that I have on my To Read list over on Goodreads too. Click on my Goodreads icon in the right column to follow me over there.)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone! See you again next week. xx

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