Throwback: April - August 2015

Okay, so in an effort to get through my throwback posts more quickly (and hopefully be done with them by the end of this year), I thought I'd do a whole bunch of months together. Great idea, right? I thought so! 

But I have to admit that all I'm managing to do when putting these throwback posts together at this point is choose the best photos and write an accompanying little blurb. Nothing fancy, is what I'm saying. But I'm forging ahead. And hopefully I'll be up to date before the end of this year? I'm thinking I'll throw a little party when I get to that point. What do you reckon? ;)

Anyway. Back to April and May of 2015. We spent that time packing up our home, in anticipation of a move - not as big a move as our previous one, but one just 3 kilometres down the coast!

And it was an exciting time - not the packing so much - but the prospect of moving home for the first time in New Zealand. We were sad to be leaving our friends in our old neighbourhood, but we love our new neighbourhood -  we live close to a beach that is perfect for swimming, stand-up paddle boarding and walking. Bailey adores her walks there!

We moved into our new home in June of 2015.

This photo was taken after one of those long beach walks, no doubt. Haha!

Colleen and Evie on one of their visits - just look how small Evie is here:

Nearly done with unpacking and setting up our new home:

Little Evie pops:

Luke at one of his Rippa tournaments for school:

Sarah and her friend, Nicole - off to a social get-together:

Luke's 11th birthday party at the movies:

We use one of the rooms in our new house as a gym and that little room has seen lots of action since we moved in:

Bailey having a winter swim at our local beach:

Luke having a winter swim (he wanted to be the first family member to swim in our new pool):

One Saturday morning in the winter of 2015, we drove up to Matakana for a wander around the market and then went on to have lunch at a restaurant nearby:

Luke also spent a few days up in Omaha with a friend during that winter school holiday, and they attended a football camp up there:

Just look at these two cuties! This girl sure loves her dog:

TV time on the sofa:

And cousin time at Colleen's place:

We also did a trip out to Rangitoto Island one weekend during the winter of 2015:

We did a great walk up to the summit of the volcano, via the lava caves.

And here's a photo that I took in our back garden one night when the moon was particularly full:

Okay, this post is getting a bit long, so I'll sign off for now. More 2015 to come soon...

One last thing...

I'm thinking about all the thousands of photos I have and whether I should be doing something with them. How often do you look through old photos? Do you have photo books made for your coffee table? Or what other good ideas do you have to make the most of your old photos? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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