Throwback: August - November 2015

2015 snippets of our lives continued...

Our favourite sushi restaurant took a photo of us on the night we were celebrating Jessica's birthday there, and pinned it up on their wall - that's how much we go there! I must say, it feels pretty good to be recognised as a regular at that lovely restaurant.

This was a quick photo I took after one of Luke's many football games for his school:

And this cute photo was taken at Rainbow's End - our Auckland theme park. Sarah and her friend spent a fun day there during the school holidays.

I snapped a photo of these two on the sofa watching TV with me again - I must say that it was so lovely when the kids spent time watching TV with me back in 2015 because nowadays we don't watch much TV together as a family anymore. We're mainly a Netflix/Lightbox (or sports) watching family now and Grant and I tend to watch different programmes to our kids nowadays.

Cousin time:

I was invited to the New Zealand Fashion Week back in 2015 and that was a fun experience:

I even took a selfie in the bathroom at the venue, as you do (or don't, whatever):

The kids out picking up takeaways one evening in a neighbouring suburb:

Luke played in a Futsal tournament for his school, back in 2015:

And here is a photo of Sarah's netball team - this was before Sarah gave up all other sports to concentrate solely on her water polo:

Coffee date with this fun lady (hey, mom!):

Sarah and her netball team out celebrating the end of the season:

I took Luke and his friend to the zoo one day during a school holiday:

And here is Sarah and her friend before their Year 10 formal at school:

Luke in front of his Deforestation exhibit in Year 6:

And September was the month we got our New Zealand citizenship! That was a big day for us. We're so happy in our new country, and grateful that we get to live in such a beautiful, peaceful place. (Some of us weren't keen on the family photo that night, sadly...)

Crazy surfer girl:

 Another photo of Sarah and a few of her friends:

Jessica went over to visit the Opie's in Melbourne in 2015:

2015 was the year of fish lips...

We went to a Maroon 5 concert:

We also went to LOTS of water polo games:

Halloween 2015:

Geoff and I did the Round the Bays walk/run in 2015 (this is us on the bus going to the event):

My friend, Regina and I went to the city to welcome the All Blacks back to NZ with their World Cup! Woo Hoo! 

We enjoyed a bit of boat time:

Sarah and some of her friends, up in Omaha:

I went on a school parents walk back in 2015, and we picnicked at a pretty waterfall for lunch:

Dog walks along the coast:

Sarah's school water polo team won bronze in a tight game against their arch rivals in the North Island Junior Secondary Schools tournament that year:

This cute shot was taken of the girls who were involved in the penalty shoot-out:

Sarah taking her shot - that she made! Yay! Penalty shoot outs are a killer (for the kids and their parents)!

My cousin came to visit me in November 2015! Yay! It was so wonderful getting to spend time with him again.

Luke in the front row, singing the national anthem at school during his final assembly in Junior School:

Next instalment coming soon...

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