Throwback: December 2015

Last 2015 post right here! 

Sarah graduated middle school in December 2015 and it was so strange to think that she'd be going to senior school the next year (her school has 4 years of middle school and 3 years of senior school). 

My mom and I went to the Oprah show here in Auckland in December (and sadly didn't find anything under our seats):

And Sarah turned 15!

My friend from University days (who now lives in Melbourne with her family), came to Auckland to visit us at the end of 2015:

And it was so brilliant to reconnect with them. Our kids got on so well which was so lovely, and looking back now, we need to make good on our plan to get together again sometime soon.

Sarah and a friend in Devonport - Sarah and her group of friends had a fantastic summer that year.

We went to see the Christmas lights in Ponsonby that year:

And we celebrated our anniversary...

And then it was Christmas:

Stuart and Christine and their family came for lunch a few days after Christmas that year and it was great to see them again after so long.

And then the girls went off to celebrate New Year's Eve with their friends, while Grant, Luke and I went up to Algies Bay to celebrate with some of ours:

That 2015 really was a good year. And this post ends my 2015 posts. xx

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