August Little Things

I'm not sure who I'm kidding with my counting the days to Summer and all - because let's be honest here - it's still a LONG time before Summer hits our shores in here in Auckland. Sad, but true.

Going to keep counting, though. ;) Haha.

Back in August, my mom and I met for breakfast one morning - at one of our favourite breakfast spots - Bread and Butter. Their Avocado Breakfast Salad is beyond good! I have it pretty much every time I go there.

And Grant and I went out for dinner in the city one night, with friends - to a lovely place called Pilkington's. That restaurant has some interesting decor and rather delicious food too - I love it.

And then we headed off to a show at Spark Arena - to see Jerry Seinfeld! Jerry Seinfeld, you guys! That guy makes me laugh. Sadly we weren't allowed to take any photos inside the arena, but here's a very average photo of the crowds going in that night - the arena was absolutely packed!

Crisp, winter mornings are ever-changing and often gorgeous in our hood:

And here's our darling dog, Bailey, doing what she loves to do - snuggle up for some cuddles:

Luke had his cross-country day back in August and they were lucky to run in some sunny weather that day. The race was held at the Auckland Domain in the city and I had great fun watching my kid run.

And here's me - test running some summer clothes (wishful thinking):

Please note: This 'test running' is the closest I'm actually getting to any sort of running... Meh. Summer's not coming anytime soon, is it?

And now onto September... (And dare I say the countdown to Christmas?! What?!) Kidding. But seriously, how can it be September already?!


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