Do all mothers think THEIR kid's art is the best?

So when we first went to have a look at Luke's new school last year, we were blown away by their fantastic art department. I mean, all of the artwork that was on display at the time was amazing! I'm not even exaggerating. (Look, it wasn't as good as my kids' art, but, you know, damn close. Haha.)

Also, the art teachers were particularly friendly and welcoming and obviously very good because the level of artwork that they got the boys to produce was phenomenally high and very creative. But, most importantly, the boys looked like they were really enjoying their art classes when we walked through the studios.

So last week, when the parents were invited to the school to see what our boys have been working on in their art class this term, I jumped at the chance to see first hand what Luke is creating in that awesome art department at the moment.


They've been working on their Anne Bagby inspired "My time at King's" banners (printmaking/painting/spray painting and stencil layering). Such a fascinating theme for these boys. And I love Luke's colour choice on his piece. #proudmom Also, I'm so happy that my kid is getting to experience this wonderful art department this year. 

He thoroughly enjoyed his art classes in the first and second terms as well, when they made clay sculptures (the art of abstract facial construction and decoration) and he knocked together a wooden computer monitor stand (term 2 was when they did the woodwork segment of the year) - which was very professional looking if I say so myself. (Sadly I haven't taken any photos of those beauties yet.)

I absolutely love that these kids get to express their creativity at school. And have so much fun doing it.

Moving schools for his last year before going off to senior school hasn't been easy, but it's so lovely to see that Luke is happy at school now and that he feels so comfortable there. It is never easy coming into a new school in the last year of that school when all the students have been friends for years already, but he has become steadily happier and more settled as time passes.

And we're now nearing the end of Term 3 and then we'll be into the final stretch before getting him ready for senior school next year - and boarding school! (Are we making the right decision? Not sure that I want my baby to be away from me every week! More on that later.)

So what's your school art department like? Does your school put enough emphasis on the arts? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Awesome work Luke 👌 and super blog Brilliant Bianca 😘 yes I guess we all do, I remember blabbing on about Ryan's Van Gough sunflower piece (framed in my kitchen) aged about 9 or 10 at the time and of course Chenay was and is prolific. Art is awesome. Keep writing, your art 😍 Christine


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