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My gorgeous friend, Chenay, has just launched her new, handmade, designer apparel range - Alchemy Apparel - and it's so awesome that I had to share it here with you guys!

I mean, just look at this beautiful piece!

This serene, nature-loving lady recently decided that it was high time to pursue her longtime dream of developing a range of swim- and activewear that she loved and knew others would also appreciate.

So, utilising her passion and creativity, she set out to produce pieces that perfectly reflect her love of the outdoors and fit in flawlessly with an active lifestyle. And she knows what she wants and needs when it comes to swim- and activewear because when Chenay is not busy being an amazing aerialist instructor, she can be found floating around the ocean doing things like this. (This is her in the photo below.)

This woman is a marvel, I tell you!

The fabrics that she uses for her swimwear have an SPF 50+ rating, to withstand the harsh New Zealand sun. And the active wear is lined and has great stretch in both directions - which is important when exercising. It's also super-hardwearing which is vital when it comes to those demanding activities that are hard on lighter fabrics.

Both the swimwear and the active wear have padded or non-padded options and the padding is cleverly sewn into place so as to avoid any scrunching up in the wash - which is just brilliant because we all know how annoying it can be to manoeuvre those little suckers into place all the time.

Alchemy Apparel also prides itself on celebrating all shapes and sizes and strives to promote self-love. I absolutely love that Chenay has focused on these points and has developed a range of apparel that women can feel empowered wearing. 

And now for some other exciting news: As a special launch promotion, I have a giveaway today! The first 3 people to head on over to Alchemy Apparel and purchase any of these gorgeous pieces, will receive 15% off, using the #LAUNCH checkout code.

I'd love to see what you decide on, so leave a comment for me here or if you're on Instagram, upload a photo and tag @_alchemyapparel

I'm definitely counting down the days to summer now... especially as the rain is pouring down outside while I'm writing this! Bring on summer!

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